Threat Modeling Presentation for ISACA Silicon Valley

Threat Modeling ISACA SV

Tableau Race Chart – Healthcare Breaches Reported by Month to OCR

NY Dept of Financial Services Issues Guidance on Cybersecurity During COVID-19 Pandemic

Insights Into Patient Privacy and Online Reviews

Insights into Patient Privacy and Online Reviews (2)

Michael Corleone Was Right All Along

Zakti Labs – Michael Corleone Was Right v2

Repurposing Protected Health Information to Commit Tax Fraud

Repurposing Health Information to Commit Tax Fraud

Deciphering the Various Webs – Deep Web vs. Dark Web vs. DarkNet

Cutting through the confusion by defining the different types of webs. Zakti Labs – Deciphering the Various Webs

The Next Phase of Cybersecurity – Cyber Deterrence

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report – 2016

The report is designed so you can enjoy it like a prog-rock concept album, from beginning to end, or feel free to bounce around (the room). Enjoy the Breach Trends section for all your figure and chart needs. Get some knowledge on a few of the concepts that stretch across several patterns in our Points of Focus section and for those who want more factoids, pop over to the appendices and give our Taupe Book section a look.

Developing IT Policies Using COBIT Article on how you can develop a quick set of policies using COBIT as a guideline. You can use HIPAA, NIST or any other framework. For any first attempt, I recommend using COBIT since it is simple and covers most key IT controls.